Chasing Spring in a Shirtdress

Spring has to arrive sometime, right? It’s been so rainy and dreary here in Houston lately it’s hard to believe it’s March. But I’m putting mind over matter with a great spring look from J.Jill. Dresses and skirts are my go-to pieces when I want to look nice but feel comfortable. Dresses and jewelry are […]

Permission to Wear Stretchy Pants

So the kids are back in school. Life is getting back to normal. But it’s cold and I’m tired and I just want to be comfortable when I go to the grocery store, OK? So I can go wearing yoga pants, UGGs, and a participant’s t-shirt I got for free, right? WRONG. So very wrong. […]

Flirting with Preppy {What I Wore Wednesday}

When I was in fourth grade, the “preppy” look was all the rage. It was 1984 and everyone was wearing polo shirts in pastel colors and some form of penny loafers. Surprise: Everything old is new again! The preppy look is happening again, though darker than it’s 1984 cousin. Pastels are also trending this spring […]

Weathered & Heathered {What I Wore Wednesday}

I am so over this winter weather. I am especially over it because it threw quite the wrench in my plans this weekend. I went to Arkansas to give my sister a baby shower, which is something I have no experience doing, by the way. I knew the weather wasn’t going to be great, but […]