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finding the light?

Floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes…and just for fun let’s add a pissing match between too inept leaders over nuclear weapons. Oh, and as of today we can add the largest mass shooting in US history. Everything is getting a little intense, isn’t it? I’ve found it difficult to get on with my life in the midst of all this very real…

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One Life, Many Feelings

I feel fortunate to have discovered so many wonderful writers and stories via this magical thing called the internet. The world wide web, like anything with great power, can be used for good or for bad. I prefer to focus on the good. As I process all of the current events and my own experiences with depression as well as┬ámy…

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Parenting When You Don’t Have the Answers

Last night as I was perusing my Twitter stream, I read a tweet from Jill Krause from Baby Rabies regarding her feelings about a letter from her child’s school giving parents a “heads up” that they would be discussing the events of 9/11 today. There was a bit of a twitter conversation on the subject and that’s when I realized:…

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Never Forget (Always Remember)

(originally published September 11, 2011) Ten years ago my life was very different than it is today. My husband and I were planning our wedding and living in Tulsa, OK. We worked for the same company and in the same building. Though I had been working in the HR department, I took a job in an accounting group as a…

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