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I Am My Father’s Daughter

I have news for you: if you like me or don't like me, it's probably my dad's fault. As lovely as my mama is, I take after my dad in both looks and personality. No, no, that's wrong. Not personality so much as sense of humor. Personality-wise we are a bit different. My dad is… Continue reading I Am My Father’s Daughter

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31 Days: Throwback Thursday (way back)

So here's a look I'm glad never came back:I mean, suspenders ON the shirt? Why? How does that make any sense?Maybe it came back. I don't know. I'd rather just think this particular gem stayed in 1988. Eighth grade me thought this was pretty cool.Styles come back, though, and now that I'm well into my thirties… Continue reading 31 Days: Throwback Thursday (way back)