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The Secret to Wearing Boots with Shorts

I have to admit, when I first thought about wearing boots with shorts all I thought about was the cute little starlets I’ve seen sporting ┬áthe look in fashion mags. I mean, I can wear boots with a skirt or dress every day of my life, but shorts? And then I realized: I’m a grown woman and I can wear…

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A Worthy Cause.

As I was driving around checking things off my to do list this morning I was listening to my local public radio station, KUHF. I heard Diane Rehm talking with EJ Dionne and Ramesh Ponnuru and discussing last night’s debate. I also listened to a conversation between Diane Rehm and Ben Vereen that was very inspiring. By time I got back in the car, Terry…

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Cup o’ the Day: TEXAS

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a “Cup o’ the Day” post, but as I had my coffee this morning I felt compelled… We bought this cup as a gift/souvenir for someone but ended up not giving it to them for some reason. I think. This was during our first stint in Houston, so it served as…

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