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To The Nurses Who Made a Difference in My Life

I've spent more days in the hospital than I can count. So I can't tell you how many daily visits with the doctor I had in my hospital room. That would take a lot of math. But the math that really stumps me is how many times I was visited by a nurse. If you've been lucky… Continue reading To The Nurses Who Made a Difference in My Life

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On Being a Survivor and a Mother

"Will we have to get scars, too?" asked my 4 year-old at the dinner table last night. Though my abdomen was completely covered, as it normally is, her thoughts turned to the very long, very ugly scar that runs down the core of my body while she chewed her dinner. "No, baby, you won't have… Continue reading On Being a Survivor and a Mother

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Amongst the Waves.

Remember back, the early daysWhen you were young and less amazedSuddenly the channel changed The first time you saw bloodCut to later, now you're strongYou've bled yourself, the wounds are goneIt's rare when there is nothing wrongSurvived and you're amongst the fittestLove ain't love until you feel itUp riding high amongst the waves-- Pearl Jam, "Amongst… Continue reading Amongst the Waves.

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Labor Day? No, I’m good, thanks.

Maybe it's because I don't have a real job, but every year on Labor Day all I can think about is labor. As in "going in to labor"? Like having a baby? You know? You do know. Ok. Moving on.I'm weird. I know this has been established. But the thing I keep thinking about when… Continue reading Labor Day? No, I’m good, thanks.