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Distractions make me a bad housekeeper.

Laundry. No, really: LAUNDRY.I know, I know... So cliché to be a blogger and stay at home mom talking about laundry woes and how I can't keep up and kids and husband and so much to do blah, blah, blah, BUT -- I really need to talk to you about my laundry problem. I just need… Continue reading Distractions make me a bad housekeeper.

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Amongst the Waves.

Remember back, the early daysWhen you were young and less amazedSuddenly the channel changed The first time you saw bloodCut to later, now you're strongYou've bled yourself, the wounds are goneIt's rare when there is nothing wrongSurvived and you're amongst the fittestLove ain't love until you feel itUp riding high amongst the waves-- Pearl Jam, "Amongst… Continue reading Amongst the Waves.