Why I Make My Kids Use iThings

As a GenX mom with a fondness for all things Montessori, technology for my children’s use has never been a priority in my life. In fact, I’ve been limiting their screen time since birth. We even pared our cable down to only the basics so I wouldn’t be tempted to turn on Disney Junior to entertain the girls […]

The Monster at the End of This Post.

When my (almost) six year old was a toddler, she received a “TMX Ernie” for a gift and it scared the crap out of her. To be fair, it is kind of an overwhelming toy: when you push the tummy (or “tickle” it him), it he starts to laugh, falls over, then stands back up again. […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake, Muppets, and Football – Oh my!

I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving 2011 for MONTHS!!! Is it because of the awesome pumpkin cheesecake I had and the lovely family we shared Thanksgiving with? NO – I didn’t know that would happen. I am not actually psychic. Is it because #3 Arkansas would have a huge game to play the day […]