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why your liberal neighbor is upset

Yesterday was a rough day. Just leaving my house made me feel exposed, raw, naked, vulnerable. I did not want to talk to anyone because I don't know who I can trust anymore. And if you think I felt that way because my political party didn't win the election, you aren't paying attention. Yes, I… Continue reading why your liberal neighbor is upset

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Those Who Serve

I'm a pacifist. I'd rather there weren't wars or conflicts between (or within) countries. But that's not how it works, unfortunately. Some folks, regardless of how they feel about the issues, volunteer themselves to be put in harm's way should a conflict occur. Today, I am thankful for those who make that choice and who… Continue reading Those Who Serve

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Stubborn, Strong-Willed Children

My four year-old has thrown¬†a big fit every day for the last three days. Actually, I think she threw¬†more than one yesterday. And she is not just four; she is four and a half. As she's gotten bigger, so have her fits. I should call them tantrums I suppose, but I feel like a tantrum… Continue reading Stubborn, Strong-Willed Children

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Weepingly Happy.

Yesterday afternoon when my First Grader (carefully and slowly - this is her way) got off the big, yellow, 30-year-old school bus, she immediately ran over to me and her sister to tell me something important, but I could't quite understand what it was on the first pass.At the same time she was trying to… Continue reading Weepingly Happy.