3 No-Fail Looks to Finish Your Summer

I understand not everyone has the pleasure of the heat and humidity we have down here in Houston. But wherever you are, I’m sure your summer feels (felt? don’t tell me your summer is over) hot to you (you’re so cute). I require comfort when I am going to be out in the summer heat, […]

The Secret to Wearing Boots with Shorts

I have to admit, when I first thought about wearing boots with shorts all I thought about was the cute little starlets I’ve seen sporting ¬†the look in fashion mags. I mean, I can wear boots with a skirt or dress every day of my life, but shorts? And then I realized: I’m a grown […]

Safe and Stylish in the Sun

I am not a sunbather. I can appreciate that I look a little healthier¬†when I’ve been exposed to the sun, but I actively try to avoid sun exposure. I do realize, however, that there are benefits to some sun exposure. Vitamin D and all. And I’m a mom, so I can’t really exist in the […]

31 Days: Weekend Style

I like my weekends to be no fuss. And I like to be comfortable when I can. Can you relate? Here’s a look inspired by one of my favorite weekend looks. Super comfy, but everything is the proper size. A long necklace with earrings and a bracelet to compliment it pull the look together. I’m […]

31 Days: Getting Dressed on Purpose

Here’s why it’s important to make deliberate choices about what you wear: what you put out there is what becomes true about you to the rest of the world. The “rest of the world” includes your children, moms.You might have wonderful self confidence, but if you look sloppy it just looks like you don’t care. […]