FREE Halloween Portraits – No Tricks, Lots of Treats!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. I’m sharing information in exchange for compensation. All opinions, funny anecdotes, and witty comments are my own.  My name is Candy and I’m the mom-slacker who never takes good pics of my kids in their beloved Halloween costumes. Every. Stinking. Year. This problem isn’t only on Halloween; it’s all year […]

Don’t judge me. Or do. Whatever.

I waver back and forth between not caring what people think and caring too much. This is probably a sign of psychosis. This is probably not the only sign of psychosis I display. Part of why I care is I want my daughters to feel secure. I don’t want them to feel that they are […]

This is the longest month EVER.

So, does this give you an idea of how things have been going around here? Birthdays, birthday parties, Easter, Mother’s Day, concerts, garage sale, dance recital. Oh, and painting, new floors, new shrubs and trees to plant. Lost tooth. First grade registration. Preschool registration. This has all been in the last 4 – 6 weeks. […]


Holy crap. It’s December. Where did 2011 go??? This creates A LOT of problems for me. Not only is it nearly Christmas, for which I am completely unprepared, but it is nearly New Year’s Day, for which I am equally unprepared. This means resolutions, people! Not only do I need to *make* resolutions, but I […]