Permission to Wear Stretchy Pants

So the kids are back in school. Life is getting back to normal. But it’s cold and I’m tired and I just want to be comfortable when I go to the grocery store, OK? So I can go wearing yoga pants, UGGs, and a participant’s t-shirt I got for free, right? WRONG. So very wrong. […]

3 No-Fail Looks to Finish Your Summer

I understand not everyone has the pleasure of the heat and humidity we have down here in Houston. But wherever you are, I’m sure your summer feels (felt? don’t tell me your summer is over) hot to you (you’re so cute). I require comfort when I am going to be out in the summer heat, […]

The Secret to Wearing Boots with Shorts

I have to admit, when I first thought about wearing boots with shorts all I thought about was the cute little starlets I’ve seen sporting ┬áthe look in fashion mags. I mean, I can wear boots with a skirt or dress every day of my life, but shorts? And then I realized: I’m a grown […]

From Summer to Fall {Dresses Over Pants!}

Sometimes the hardest part of clothes shopping for me is actually making the purchase. I am practical to a fault. I have to know I am going to wear this garment more than once and for more than one season before I plop down my money for it. This is true for me whether the […]

Fashion Friday: Comfy, Cozy, Pop of Color

Moms: You are my people. When I put an outfit together, you are who I am thinking about. I have nothing against non-moms but there aren’t many other groups of women who are allowed to pull off “Casual Chic” everyday. Today’s look features clothing from Gap. I have pretty good luck finding things that fit […]