Amongst the Waves.

Remember back, the early days When you were young and less amazed Suddenly the channel changed  The first time you saw blood Cut to later, now you’re strong You’ve bled yourself, the wounds are gone It’s rare when there is nothing wrong Survived and you’re amongst the fittest Love ain’t love until you feel it […]

A Brief Post to Acknowledge my Absence.

So. I haven’t been here in a while. That wasn’t exactly the plan. I really value this little piece of the internet I have and I especially value that you read what I put out here. Disappearing is not the best way to convey that, I know. I apologize. I’m working on some things right […]

That Night With Eddie.

So people have been giving me a hard time for not immediately sharing all of the details of my long awaited Eddie Vedder concert. And I feel kind of bad because I built it up so much, but you know what? I don’t really have much to say. It was just great. Eddie’s latest album […]

Cup o’ the Day: Drinking with Eddie.

So. I’m pretty tired today. You see, we rocked out with Eddie Vedder last night so I was up a little past my bedtime. The show was downtown, which is not a short distance from where I live. So before I could head out to the concert, I had to wait for the babysitter and […]

Eddie Vedder has been taunting me for years.

Like many people my age, I remember the first time I heard Pearl Jam’s album Ten. It was so different and so awesome and so exactly what I needed to hear. Thus began my love affair with Pearl Jam and — of course — with Eddie Vedder. Pearl Jam’s second album came out my freshman […]