Is a Multi-Family Vacation Right for You?

Have you ever had that moment when you and your friends are all like, “You know what we should do? We should all, like, rent a big house on the beach together for like a week. That would be awesome.” Well, we did that. First,  a little background on my vacation history. Vacations weren’t exactly in […]

Have Shorts, Will Travel

I am so ready for school to be out that I’m on the verge of just keeping my third grader home against her will (she loves school). I’m so done with the routine. AND? I’m ready for the BEACH. We are 6 weeks away from our annual beach trip and I’m already planning what to pack. […]

Running Only Gets You So Far.

Did you catch the part where I can now run 3 miles? That’s without stopping, people. We call that a 5k. And I’m going to run my first official race ever when we go to Disney World. Unless you count what I ran for track in high school, and I don’t because I was so […]