Grocery Shopping Tips. But Not Really.

Grocery shopping is the worst part of being a grown up. It doesn’t help that I am particularly bad at meal planning. I do well at neither the meal nor the planning portion of the activity. To say grocery shopping is not my favorite thing is an understatement of comic proportions. When we lived in California we […]

that one piece of paper

I mean, honestly, I would never claim to be organized. You will not ever hear me bragging about my organizational “system” or see me write about Ways You Can Organize Your Life Better. I’m sorry. That’s just not me. Sure, back in the time Before Children (B.C.) I knew where things were. I could be relied […]

How Do You Take Care of You?

No, really. I’m asking for a friend: How do you take care of you?Do you have something special that you do just for yourself? Where do you find the time? I think most of us know what we should do to take care of ourselves but the real struggle is finding the time to fit […]

How to Overcome the “There’s Never Any Time” Issue.

If you’re anything like me, you loved the show “Saved By the Bell” at some point in your life. I am SURE the writers or actors never thought bits of it would stick with us well into our adulthoods, but I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve thought, “No time! There’s never any […]