What Type of Parent Are You in the Morning? {giveaway from Seattle’s Best Coffee}

So my kids have gone back to school. I would love to share with you that I am absolutely on top of my game with breakfast and packed lunches and getting to the bus stop on time. In fact, I CAN share that with you. That IS what has happened so far this school year. […]

Will It Ever Stop?

Yo. I don’t know. (I should tell you that the song “Ice, Ice Baby” was nominated for a Grammy. In 1991. A fact that is both educational and sobering.) I’m not rocking a mic like a vandal but I am mothering to the extreme. I am parenting in a world with which I am unfamiliar. […]

Those Who Teach

This morning at my daughter’s school, the 3rd graders presented their Veterans Day program. It’s always a little more hectic than normal on days with special events at school, but my 8 year-old had laid her clothes out the night before and both girls were mostly cooperative this morning. Despite having to find and add warm […]


I mean, you knew this was coming, right? On this Monday morning, I am thankful for coffee. I drink my coffee black. I usually use my Eddie Vedder mug on weekday mornings. My husband bought it for me when we went to see him in concert. It’s a tall mug so I have to be sure […]

Can a Night Owl become a Morning Lark?

Let’s just say you are a night owl trying to find more time in your day in which to be productive. Do you stay up after the rest of your family has gone to bed and get your work done then? Is that even an option when you need to be ready for your day […]