We’re All BAD MOMS {A Movie Review}

What’s the difference between a Girls’ Night Out and a Moms’ Night Out? The jokes. For sure. I spent couple of hours last night at Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park with a theater full of moms for a special screening of BAD MOMS (which opens today). Watching a comedy with a room full of the intended […]

Let’s Be Bad Moms at Alamo Drafthouse

The longer I’m a mom the less I care about SO MANY things. I care about my kids, obviously, but I don’t really care about what other people think about how I parent. And that? Makes me feel like a bad mom sometimes. Which is probably ironic. But I came of age when Alanis Morisette’s […]

My Car

Much is happening in the world today, but my day was all about appointments and mom-related responsibilities. Of my tasks for the day, none could have been done without having a car to get us from here to there. Today I am thankful for my car. My car is not actually a car but an […]

I Did It: I Ditched the Minivan.

Our minivan came into our life by necessity. I wasn’t thrilled, but I complied with the minivan acquisition as I was pregnant with my second child and knew we needed something bigger than my Honda CR-V. But three years later I came to realize something VERY important: I make bad decisions when I’m pregnant. I […]