On Mondays

I should go to spin class or clean out my closet or do something constructive with my 5 year-old and enjoy the time we have together now before she starts kindergarten in the fall. But it’s Monday. And on Mondays I breathe. On Mondays I catch the breath that I had no room for this […]

Another one.

Today is my daughter’s 6th birthday, and a migraine almost took it from me. It stormed last night, so the power went out for a bit. Around midnight or 1:00 AM (does it really matter?), I was getting up to unplug my computer when she came through our bedroom door crying, because the storm was […]

Stop it With the Voodoo!

Somebody out there put a migraine voodoo spell on me, I’m sure of it. Call it off, I say! ENOUGH! Migraines are just stupid. I got one in El Salvador the day we went to the beach (8 days ago). I got one yesterday. I got one this morning. THIS IS NOT HOW THIS IS […]