Learning to be an “Adult”

How and from whom do we learn to be adults? It seems my husband and I have been working on this for a very long time and yet don’t feel very successful in our efforts. We like our parents. We think they did fine with us. But both of us grew up in very different […]

And then my husband thought I was a cat…

Yesterday was a hard day. The previous night my two year old decided to pull an all-nighter. So she wasn’t literally awake the whole time — she’d sleep for 20 minutes and then cry for 40 minutes — but I was nearly awake the whole night. By the time morning arrived, I was a zombie. […]


Ten years ago today was my wedding day. I am not the kind of girl who always dreamt of her wedding and the dress and all of that “stuff”. Not that I spent the early part of my life set against the idea of getting married, it just wasn’t something I fantasized about or spent […]