The Year That Was Not So Great

In a normal year, I don’t personify the previous twelve months at the end. I don’t blame it or call it names. I don’t accuse it of wrong doing or malevolence. But 2016 was not a normal year. It was drunk and stupid and hated me. That being said, I agree that it seems silly […]

christmas and cookies and CALM DOWN

Perhaps I’m a Scrooge. Perhaps I just think it’s fun to say “Bah humbug!” and that makes people think I’m a Scrooge because everyone is so quick to judge. Or maybe, just maybe, all y’all need to calm yourselves down about Christmas. That’s right. I said it. CALM. IT. DOWN. First of all, you are […]

the social part of social media

My husband had a cold last week and my daughter is recovering from strep throat. I’ve been super tired and overly paranoid that I might be getting sick. I don’t have time to be sick right now; I need to buy groceries! Clean things! Prepare for Christmas! Poor me. I was feeling not quite awake enough […]

Choose Love. Choose Today.

I shouldn’t even be here.   I was born to parents who were barely 20 years old in the bitter winter of the upper peninsula of Michigan. I was tiny and jaundiced and their first child.    We moved a lot. Eventually they divorced. We settled in a small town in rural Arkansas where it […]

Be the light.

Evil is not new. Bad things have happened to people as long as people have existed. But for something so evil to happen to children the same age as mine in a town in my own country – that’s kind of new to me. And I’m struggling. I feel like evil = bad compounded over […]