Another one.

Today is my daughter’s 6th birthday, and a migraine almost took it from me. It stormed last night, so the power went out for a bit. Around midnight or 1:00 AM (does it really matter?), I was getting up to unplug my computer when she came through our bedroom door crying, because the storm was […]

Faith, Hope, and Love (and Prayer).

My “baby” is about to have her second birthday, and I am completely unprepared. Unprepared for the party, unprepared for her to turn two, unprepared for life to go so fast. I can remember the moment she was born as, well, as much as I can remember anything (because – let’s face it – everything […]

Testing our limits.

My husband ran his first marathon this weekend. How boring would it be if that was the entire story? Luckily I have two young children so that is never the whole story… My husband has been running since last spring (and we don’t know where is! {Ba-Dum-Pum-Ching!}). He only decided a few months ago that […]

Finding Normal.

When I was a senior in high school we had these “Senior Books,” which were basically glorified scrapbooks that somebody conned us into buying. We put pictures and notes and pieces of memorabilia in them – to help us remember the year, I guess. One of the very last pages had a place for “goals” […]

Flying (with Children).

We have just returned from a trip to see my husband’s family in Costa Rica, which is a three and a half hour flight from Houston. Not too bad, right? Well. That really depends.  This is not the first time we have flown since we’ve been parents, but this was the first time we’ve flown […]