A Mindful Review of My Closet

I decided to stop buying clothes. Probably not forever, but for now. They say we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, so what are the chances that whatever random piece of clearance merchandise I suddenly decide I need will make it to the 20% pile? Really this aligns with my overall goal […]

The Year That Was Not So Great

In a normal year, I don’t personify the previous twelve months at the end. I don’t blame it or call it names. I don’t accuse it of wrong doing or malevolence. But 2016 was not a normal year. It was drunk and stupid and hated me. That being said, I agree that it seems silly […]

To Wash or Not to Wash? {Reviver Review}

So let’s just say you read through my 31 day series on Fashion Tips and Tricks for beginners and then decided to go out and get yourself a few new items for your wardrobe. Let’s just say…  Now that you’ve invested in these new pieces, you want them to last, right? Well here is one […]

I am not Wonder Woman.

Drop me in your closet and I won’t have much trouble putting an outfit together. Drop me a note and I’ll probably reply with a sarcastic comment. But drop me in your kitchen and I will have a hard time putting a meal together. If only I could feed my family with fashionable ensembles and […]

Distractions make me a bad housekeeper.

Laundry. No, really: LAUNDRY. I know, I know… So cliché to be a blogger and stay at home mom talking about laundry woes and how I can’t keep up and kids and husband and so much to do blah, blah, blah, BUT — I really need to talk to you about my laundry problem. I just […]