chai tea & tai chi

I look forward to days the kids have off from school. I like the break in the routine. Plus I get to sleep later. But two days off from school? A four-day-weekend randomly placed in February? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that. Friday was fine. Fridays off are always fine. Also […]


A pair of shoes can change the way you feel about your life. If you have never experienced the joy of a fabulous pair of shoes, I hope you have at least experienced admiring a really awesome pair of kicks from afar. The shoes that change your day don’t have to be expensive – take […]

31 Days: Kids Style Tips

I am mother to two girls — a job for which I am completely unqualified, by the way — so I think about kids’ clothes quite a lot. The stage we are in now has my younger daughter wearing her big sister’s old clothes and my older daughter mostly wearing things that are on the […]