Summer Break 2015: What Day is This and Where Am I?

For the record: I adore my children. They are cool little people and I love that I get to be their mama. They make me laugh out loud and make me feel younger than I am sometimes. But: I am tired. My brain is having a hard time dealing with the non-stop chatter/arguing. I am […]

Hard Times

So the thing about signing up for a half marathon (or two) is that you have to train for it. Even when you don’t want to or when the weather is bad or it’s inconvenient. Today I had to run 3 miles and was hoping to get out early enough to beat the rain. I […]

Heat and Humidity

I’m aware this is not a popular opinion, but I’m a fan of heat and humidity. After this week’s cold front, heat and humidity are what I am thankful for today. You may think I will change my opinion come July in Houston, but let me assure you: I will not. I have been known […]