Summer Break 2015: 105 Degrees Fahrenheit

In case you ever wanted to know what it was liked to be trapped inside due to risk of becomingĀ a human baked potato should you step outside, just mosey on down to the Houston area. The high yesterday was ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING FIVE. Which is obviously what you want when summer break is winding […]

Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Last spring, because I am nothing if not original, I gave the girls a “Frozen” themed birthday party. This was not a Pinterest party; this was all me. I don’t even remember how much input I had from the girls, because I had a vision, you see. A snowflake filled vision. Whether it started as […]

Firing the Cleaning Crew(s)

Is it completely dumbĀ to be thankful for something that created more work for me? If it is, so be it: today I am thankful that I fired my cleaning crew(s). Yes plural. Yes I’ve fired many. It all began a long, long time ago in a land far, far away… Or about eight years ago […]