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KLG is my spirit animal

I love me some Kathie Lee. I’ve been turning on the ol’ boob tube in the mornings now that my girls are in school and I find myself adoring Kathie Lee Gifford more and more every time I watch her. Check out this gem from this morning:     Isn’t she the best? I know what you’re thinking, and no,…

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I Don’t Even Know Who I Am Anymore.

In January I ran my first 5K. On Saturday I will run my first 10K. Do what? Seriously, who am I? I don’t even know anymore. I think this is my version of a mid-life crisis. Except I think everyone is going through it. Is it just me, or does it seem like everybody everywhere is running? Well, not like…

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One Thing Leads to Another. And Another. And Another.

I was going to sit down and write last week, but things got busy. I was sure I would have some time on the weekend, but wouldn’t you know, it was even busier than the previous week. I just knew that this morning I would find the time to write, now here it is afternoon and I am just sitting…

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