KLG is my spirit animal

I love me some Kathie Lee. I’ve been turning on the ol’ boob tube in the mornings now that my girls are in school and I find myself adoring Kathie Lee Gifford more and more every time I watch her. Check out this gem from this morning:     Isn’t she the best? I know […]

I Don’t Even Know Who I Am Anymore.

In January I ran my first 5K. On Saturday I will run my first 10K. Do what? Seriously, who am I? I don’t even know anymore. I think this is my version of a mid-life crisis. Except I think everyone is going through it. Is it just me, or does it seem like everybody everywhere […]

I Curse You, Elf.

Oh, Cursing and Swear Words, we are sticking with the Elf on the Shelf thing this year. Reflecting what is in our heart of hearts, my husband and I completely forgot about him that very first night just a few short days ago. And my six year old woke us up — in tears — […]

One Thing Leads to Another. And Another. And Another.

I was going to sit down and write last week, but things got busy. I was sure I would have some time on the weekend, but wouldn’t you know, it was even busier than the previous week. I just knew that this morning I would find the time to write, now here it is afternoon […]

Learning to be an “Adult”

How and from whom do we learn to be adults? It seems my husband and I have been working on this for a very long time and yet don’t feel very successful in our efforts. We like our parents. We think they did fine with us. But both of us grew up in very different […]