summer is coming…

Oh happy day! Oh giggle, skip, jump! Summer is coming! Are you ready? Have you booked your camps, your trips, your classes, your vacations, your outings, your playdates, your trips to Target? Have you prepared to break up fights, get no work done, and completely lose your freaking mind? Because┬áhere’s the thing about summer “break” […]

An Open Letter to Mosquitoes

Dear Mosquitoes: I am writing to inform you I am extremely disappointed in your recent behavior. Despite our lifelong feud, I have made every effort to make our coexistence easier. I have tried to ignore you hoping you would, in turn, ignore me. Not only did that not work, but it’s resulted in some of […]

Heat and Humidity

I’m aware this is not a popular opinion, but I’m a fan of heat and humidity. After this week’s cold front, heat and humidity are what I am thankful for today. You may think I will change my opinion come July in Houston, but let me assure you: I will not. I have been known […]