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Halloween Didn’t Used to Be Scary

The first Halloween costume I ever remember wearing was a plastic Yogi Bear mask. It was 1978 and I'm pretty sure I went trick-or-treating with my aunt Jen. We are close in age so in our younger years we trick-or-treated together in Montevideo, Minnesota. I don't remember anything else about that Halloween. I was three and a… Continue reading Halloween Didn’t Used to Be Scary

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31 Days: Women + Halloween Costumes.

For years I have been puzzled by the choices many women -- young and not so young -- make for their Halloween costumes. It's become a long standing joke that women's Halloween costumes are "slutty" this and "sexy" that. Can we stop this trend please? One thing that bothers me about this is that it's… Continue reading 31 Days: Women + Halloween Costumes.

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31 Days: Halloween Family Style

This weekend we have an event to go to at my daughter's elementary school. It's Trick or Treat festival with games and candy and it's a fundraiser for the PTO. Of course my girls are excited to go, but they were pretty disappointed when I said they couldn't wear their costumes.What?? What kind of mother… Continue reading 31 Days: Halloween Family Style