Whatever: Gifts for Tween Girls

November 2016 has been a historically crazy month. Thanksgiving gatherings no doubt will also be historically crazy this year. But pay attention, my discombobulated friends: Christmas is coming. And your tween girl is already rolling her eyes about it. Probably. I mean she’d actually have to be listening to you to roll her eyes at […]

I’m ready to talk about Barbie now

In 1978, or maybe it was ’79, I became the proud owner of a real Barbie doll. My Pretty Changes Barbie wore a fabulous, yellow satin jumpsuit and included accessories that allowed me to change her look. I could change her hair as well; she came with wigs. She was my prized possession. I was […]

Sunshine and Rain

The sky is blue. But it is raining. Do you know what kind of pressure this puts on someone like me?! What does it mean? Where’s the lesson? What analogy can I use? How can I fit this into a story? Sunshine and rain AT THE SAME TIME? You are killing me, Nature. At least […]

Summer Break 2015: Day Eight

Seven. I have made seven bracelets since the girls have been on summer break. I have probably washed at least that many loads of laundry. I doubt I have taken that many showers… This week my 9 year-old attended basketball camp. It was her idea. SHE brought ME the paper and said, “I’d like to […]

Summer Break 2015: Days One and Two

On the first day of summer break, I was awakened at 7:23 AM by a knocking noise from the baby monitor, the other end of which is still in my youngest child’s bedroom. She is now five but she is the type of kid you always need one eye on. Also, she refused to claim […]