The whys of the 100th day of school

I get that elementary school is different these days than it was for me back in the 80s, what with the smart boards and chrome books and whatnot. Those are good things. Technology is helping our children learn. Cool. Great. Awesome. But the dressing up and big-to-do’s? Why. WHY? Today was the 100th day of […]

Decisions: May 2013 Edition

OK. So I’ve been a little absent from the blog. I hear you. But I took that time to make some decisions and I knew you would want me to share them with you. So here you go: 1. I’m done with tornadoes. They are fired. Can we start a foundation or something to eradicate […]

Out of Reach.

The alarm on my phone went off at 4:05PM on Friday afternoon. I found my shoes and a jacket and quickly walked out the front door. I tried to keep my pace quick, but it didn’t feel quick enough – I didn’t want to be late. I saw my neighborhood friends and said a quick […]

Style Points: Kids School Shoes {UPDATED}

So the Big First Day of School at the Big Public School is now in the past at our house. My first grader picked out a new outfit and was quite pleased with her appearance on that first day. But then… the Welcome Letter sent home by the teacher explained that the children are required […]