Mama’s Got a New Bag

I bought my first pair of TOMS shoes as soon as I read about their commitment to One for One. This was in 2008, before they became a style statement. I was on board immediately when I read about children who could not go to school because they did not have shoes and about children […]

My Partner

So how does a girl who’d lived in small towns in five different states meet a boy who’d lived his whole life in El Salvador? College, of course. When I met my husband in the fall of 1993, I didn’t even know where El Salvador was. I also didn’t know where Spadra Creek was, so I had to find […]

Things My Kids Say (And Why I Was Speechless)

So my kids say some pretty funny things sometimes. This morning, after my toddler woke up and I had removed her overnight pull-up but hadn’t yet clothed her, she pops up and says, “Ha ha! I’m make-ed!” And then proceeded to dance around the room, wearing nothing but what she was born in, and sings, […]

First World Problems.

We just returned from a trip to El Salvador to celebrate my husband’s grandma’s 100th birthday. (I know, right?) So that’s great and all, but let me just tell you this in case you don’t know: Don’t travel with toddlers.  Just don’t. I know you think it’ll be fine and you can do it, but […]

Cup o’ the Day: So NOT Coffee!

Not only are the contents of this cup NOT coffee or caffeine related, but they are something I would have a hard time finding in the US. I have no idea what this drink is called. So we went out to dinner the other night (in El Salvador) with my husband’s cousins, and upon our […]