Surviving the Witching Hour

The Witching Hour — Surely you know it. That time of the day that’s neither here nor there, sometime in the late afternoon/early evening when the kiddos are weirdly out of control. It’s nobody’s friend. Maybe it hits at a different time for you. And maybe when it happens it makes you question every decision you ever […]

I am not Wonder Woman.

Drop me in your closet and I won’t have much trouble putting an outfit together. Drop me a note and I’ll probably reply with a sarcastic comment. But drop me in your kitchen and I will have a hard time putting a meal together. If only I could feed my family with fashionable ensembles and […]

Cup o’ the Day: So NOT Coffee!

Not only are the contents of this cup NOT coffee or caffeine related, but they are something I would have a hard time finding in the US. I have no idea what this drink is called. So we went out to dinner the other night (in El Salvador) with my husband’s cousins, and upon our […]

Oh, right. I have a blog.

So it’s been busy around here. What’s a blogging mama to do? To “blog” requires some down time. I have to have time to have a thought, read something that gets me thinking, or have a “blog worthy” experience. But sometimes none of those things happen. And then it’s the end of a busy few […]