my generation

If you are reading this, congratulations! You made it to 2017. It’s not a given that we’ll make it through any year, but 2016 felt¬†particularly dicey. In a year in which we lost so many artists and cultural icons, my family and I suffered personal losses as well. We lost my father-in-law in October. It’s […]

like a bird without any song

Popular culture seems like our only culture in 2016, but it wasn’t always that way.¬†Thirty years ago we had to seek and find pop culture. We had to pursue it; it wasn’t thrust upon us via 500 cable channels, the internet, or social media. We were lucky enough to see a glimpse of an artist […]

floods and prince and email. oh my.

I just thought I was having a rough week when the kids were unexpectedly home from school due to flooding last week. Little did I know Prince would die, thus ending a craptastic week craptastically. I’m not going to address all my Prince feelings in this post. He gets his own post. But I am […]

30 Days of Thanks: LIFE

Committing to do something every day is a challenge for me, but for this exercise I feel it’s necessary. Since my weekend with Oprah, I’m trying to be extra mindful of the things for which I am thankful. This will be an exercise in gratitude for me in the least; in the most, I hope […]

Explaining death.

Unfortunately I had to try to explain “death” to my five and a half year old today. After a long fight with lung cancer, my stepdad passed away last night. Although we knew his condition was likely terminal (due to his age and overall health), his health rapidly deteriorated this week at a pace we […]