Cup o’ the Day: 8 years old

My first born turns 8 today. Eight feels so much older than seven. I don’t know why, but everyone I say that to agrees. Maybe I’m just very persuasive. Or threatening. Regardless, my child who I can still remember as a newborn is an eight year-old now. If you know me for real or follow […]

Seattle’s Best Coffee {Giveaway}

I’m sure you will be shocked to learn that I like coffee. (I still don’t have a font for sarcasm.) I mean sure, I need caffeine to function, but I specifically LIKE coffee. I enjoy the taste of a nice, smooth blend and when I brew a pot I have to watch myself so that […]

Cup o’ the Day: DALLAS = #BLISSDOM

A friend recently pointed out to me that I haven’t done a “Cup o’ the Day” post in a while, so when I saw this cup on my coffee cup shelf I thought it was about time to do another one. I got this cup as a gift. I think. I don’t remember ever buying […]

Cup o’ the Day: Drinking with Eddie.

So. I’m pretty tired today. You see, we rocked out with Eddie Vedder last night so I was up a little past my bedtime. The show was downtown, which is not a short distance from where I live. So before I could head out to the concert, I had to wait for the babysitter and […]

Cup o’ the Day: TEXAS

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a “Cup o’ the Day” post, but as I had my coffee this morning I felt compelled… We bought this cup as a gift/souvenir for someone but ended up not giving it to them for some reason. I think. This was during our first stint in […]