The Mejias Take Manhattan

Holy July, Batman! We have been uncharacteristically traveling like jet setters this month. OK. Nothing like jet setters. Is a jet setter a real thing? Let’s just say it is and quit talking about it already. We were in Florida for a week and then my mom came to town and me and the ol’ […]


I was out running errands today, kind of in a bleh mood due to the morning rush and the cat peeing on the floor. Again. As I pulled my car into the first parking spot I could find, which happened to be at the furthest point in the lot from the building I needed to […]


I mean, you knew this was coming, right? On this Monday morning, I am thankful for coffee. I drink my coffee black. I usually use my Eddie Vedder mug on weekday mornings. My husband bought it for me when we went to see him in concert. It’s a tall mug so I have to be sure […]

31 Days: Concert Style

In a parallel universe I am roadie. Or a rock star. But probably a roadie. In this universe, I just really dig concerts. Prior to becoming parents, my husband and I spent our time and money on going to shows and seeing our favorite bands. These days we aren’t quite where we used to be […]

The “Kids” We Don’t Talk About.

I feel that I am established enough of a person and secure enough in my maturity to really be out in the open about something here. I felt like today was the right time to talk about it because later this week I am going to be staring this issue square in the face. I […]