31 Days: Dressing on a Budget {Tips}

As a stay at home mom with two growing girls, I understand that the budget doesn’t always allow for new grown up clothes. I get that. So here are a few things you can do to get dressed on purpose and claim your personal style without breaking the bank. SHOP YOUR CLOSET If you are […]

31 Days: Tips for Stretching Your Wardrobe

I really have a hard time spending money on myself. I’m trying to get better about that and I’ve definitely improved, but it’s still not easy. One thing that makes it easier to do is when I can find value in whatever I’m purchasing. When it comes to clothes for my girls I have to […]

31 Days: Throwback Thursday (way back)

So here’s a look I’m glad never came back: I mean, suspenders ON the shirt? Why? How does that make any sense? Maybe it came back. I don’t know. I’d rather just think this particular gem stayed in 1988. Eighth grade me thought this was pretty cool. Styles come back, though, and now that I’m well […]

#31Days of Fashion Tips: What Does Your Closet Say About You?

Yesterday I talked about and gave examples of the four Fashion Personalities to help with defining your personal style. Today I want you to look in your closet — Does your closet reflect your fashion personality? If I walk into my closet right now, the message is clear: I am a mess. It definitely reflects […]