Moment of Surrender – My Messy Beautiful

Napping was never her thing. Even at a few months old, she seemed to prefer crying to sleeping.  She had no apparent health issues. She ate pretty well. Responded to us like she should. My pregnancy had been pretty uneventful. She just wouldn’t nap. Which made me a very tired mama.  I read a lot […]

On Women and Support.

Would you judge me by my underwear? I apologize if you weren’t prepared for me to talk about my underwear right off the bat, but would you think any less of me if I told you that my undergarments don’t match? Because they don’t. Not even close. And they never, ever do. And most of […]

Labor Day? No, I’m good, thanks.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a real job, but every year on Labor Day all I can think about is labor. As in “going in to labor”? Like having a baby? You know? You do know. Ok. Moving on. I’m weird. I know this has been established. But the thing I keep thinking about […]

Bras are stupid.

Yes, this is probably TMI, but I ordered new bras today. After nursing my second child, the old ones don’t fit anymore (if you breastfed your babies, you know what I mean). So here’s the thing: Bras are stupid. Yes, bras are stupid. Who decided women are supposed to wear bras? I understand that in […]