I am tired more often than I’m not. I wonder if I will ever not be tired. I hear that it gets better, easier. I see that it doesn’t. I want to be wrong about that.   I am trying to figure out where I fit in. I pretend that I already know. I feel I may never find my answer. I touch the […]

What I Learned at CAMP {#TxSC15}

I don’t think anyone would describe me as “adventurous”, yet I seem to willingly put myself in situations that require me to travel to places I’ve never been, to meet people I’ve never met with some regularity. My latest adventure? CAMP. Last weekend I drove three and a half hours to Camp Texlake, which is a […]

A Creative Outlet

I try and have tried for years to be thankful for what I have in life, as I know even in my hard times, there were folks having harder times. Never was this more difficult for me than when I had a day job that required me to be at a desk all day. In […]

My Writing… is a Process

I’ve been invited by my new friend Elaine to share my writing process. It’s been so interesting to me to read other blogger’s posts about how they write. There are so many similarities among us online writers – I love that this little blog train is fostering a sense of camaraderie that sometimes gets lost […]

Notice anything different?

I sure hope you do! My blog got a make over. You like? Please forgive me as I learn how to use WordPress. I may be tinkering with things for a little while… It’s a new toy, you know. In the meantime, did you read the post I linked to Momastery last week? You can […]