The Thing About Being a Mom

I don’t know if it was always this way or if this is just a product of modern marketing, but it seems like moms are usually depicted as all being the same. Like we all think the same way and like the same things. Get annoyed by the same things. Want the same things. The exception […]

This is 40

Today is my 40th birthday. I don’t understand what 40 is supposed to be. Am I old? Is 40 the new insert-younger-age-here? Should I feel good or bad about this birthday? I’m inclined to say “good” but honestly I’m a little tired and my back hurts. Really a birthday is just another day. I still had to […]

Cup o’ the Day: 8 years old

My first born turns 8 today. Eight feels so much older than seven. I don’t know why, but everyone I say that to agrees. Maybe I’m just very persuasive. Or threatening. Regardless, my child who I can still remember as a newborn is an eight year-old now. If you know me for real or follow […]

Choose Love. Choose Today.

I shouldn’t even be here.   I was born to parents who were barely 20 years old in the bitter winter of the upper peninsula of Michigan. I was tiny and jaundiced and their first child.    We moved a lot. Eventually they divorced. We settled in a small town in rural Arkansas where it […]

Wordless Wednesday 5.8.13

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