My Partner

So how does a girl who’d lived in small towns in five different states meet a boy who’d lived his whole life in El Salvador? College, of course. When I met my husband in the fall of 1993, I didn’t even know where El Salvador was. I also didn’t know where Spadra Creek was, so I had to find […]

Help for Arkansas Tornado Victims

It’s this time of year that I am often glad I no longer live in Arkansas because of the volatile weather spring often brings. The problem with that, however, is my family and many friends still live there. And so when I start seeing reports of this or that online I am again the jumpy […]

Help Make a Wish Come True

You guys, I have something really cool I want to share with you: As part of a sponsored campaign with the One2One Network, I get to tell you about a super easy way you can help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Many of you know that I am a childhood cancer survivor. When I […]

My High School Reunion.

I need to start by saying I’ve never really been to a high school reunion. At the five year mark we had a gathering, but I’m not sure it was a “high school reunion” though I do understand the act of old classmates reuniting may have made it so. So count that if you want […]

The “Kids” We Don’t Talk About.

I feel that I am established enough of a person and secure enough in my maturity to really be out in the open about something here. I felt like today was the right time to talk about it because later this week I am going to be staring this issue square in the face. I […]