So I deleted my Facebook app. Again.

There was a time when I praised the invention of Facebook. That it helped me reconnect with friends from college and beyond was mind-blowingly-amazing. I was able to rekindle relationships with friends I had deeply missed. And it was truly all thanks to Facebook. During the past ten or so years that I’ve been on Facebook, my need […]

The Day I Nearly Lost It.

I was at my eye doctor for a follow up visit. Because of my irritated/ing eyes I am changing contacts. We haven’t yet settled on a new brand so I needed to schedule another appointment. I reached into my bag to get my phone so I could put the new appointment on my calendar and… […]

Halloween is eww.

We have a saying in my house. Well, it’s actually just a thing that I say so now my six year old does, too. It’s when things are gross I say that they’re “eww” — as in “Don’t touch that, it’s eww.” Right. OK. Whatever. I’m weird. Fine. But Halloween is eww. It’s sooo eww. Wanna […]