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31 Days: The Final Touches

Hair. Makeup. Jewelry. Shoes. Often these are the afterthoughts, thrown together at the last minute before rushing out the door. However, if you are not giving these final touches the same thought and attention you gave the rest of your outfit, you are missing an opportunity to look and feel your best.HAIRI personally obsess about… Continue reading 31 Days: The Final Touches

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31 Days: Women + Halloween Costumes.

For years I have been puzzled by the choices many women -- young and not so young -- make for their Halloween costumes. It's become a long standing joke that women's Halloween costumes are "slutty" this and "sexy" that. Can we stop this trend please? One thing that bothers me about this is that it's… Continue reading 31 Days: Women + Halloween Costumes.

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31 Days: Are You Dressing Your Age?

Just the other night I witnessed it: a woman, who looked several years older than me, was wearing something that looked like it might have been more appropriate for her 20 years ago. Or maybe never. There was a lot of leather involved. It just wasn't good.I am ALL for people having their own personal… Continue reading 31 Days: Are You Dressing Your Age?