My Mom

My mom taught me the value of a handwritten thank you note. She knows how to make a pie — including the crust — and used to sew dresses for me and my sister. She is possibly the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Today I am thankful for my mom. We’ve had very different lives, my […]


I spent half of today griping at my kids and the other half putting up the Christmas tree with them. The two activities may have bled into one another. Decorating for Christmas does not put me in a good mood; I would rather not put up a tree at all. The way I see it, […]


The most surprising part about today was that my daughters played together pretty much the whole day, and with very little fighting. Today I am thankful for sisters. When I was pregnant with baby #2 and we found out she was a girl, I cried. I was unspeakably happy to be able to give my first daughter […]


Can I be thankful for Thanksgiving? Because it’s what I am thankful for today. Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Not just because of the pumpkin pie, but because there are no gifts, only food and hangin’ with the fam. Also mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are awesome. Growing up, Thanksgiving was kind of chore with the […]

I Don’t Need to Be Right

The thing about the internet and the 24-hour news channels is we get to witness non-stop conflict. Everyone is always fighting about something. And usually no one is right. But they keep fighting anyway. I’m fairly boring in those situations once I share my view; I will speak my piece and then listen and consider […]