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But IS the livin’ really easy?

Summertime. And the livin’ is…repetitive. Even trips to Target aren’t nearly as thrilling as they were a month ago. Going outside at all can be rough here in the Houston area; last weekend the heat index was like 110 degrees. Suffice to say my battle against screen time isn’t going so well.

Today as I write I’m “playing school” with my 7 year-old. She is creating a test for me. I persuaded her to let me write on my computer instead of cutting out sentences and gluing them onto a piece of paper. She is a strict teacher, but allowed it anyway after I convinced her it was a GT project. (We’re all a little on the GT side in this house. #SorryNotSorry)

My other daughter is running on the treadmill. She wants to train to run 8 miles with my husband for a trip to Miami to run with a guy who has run on the beach every day since 1975. So. There’s that.

Despite our cabin fever, we have all been productive to a degree. Both girls took to a book that was sent to me that shows how to draw dangly, doodly words.

I crocheted a bag for myself and finished a blanket for one child (still working on a blanket for the other one).

So. I made this. #crochet #create #momlife #summer

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I finished this blanket last night. I am a #crochet MACHINE. #momlife #summer #create

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I even found some time to write. I had an article published on that you can check out here if you are a Facebooker. (Here if you aren’t.)

Sure, the house is a mess, but at least we’ve been creative. I like to think that counts for something.