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how I spent my summer vacation

Obviously I don’t literally mean “vacation” because my children are home. Summer isn’t exactly a vacation, but a break from the school routine which allows some variety in our lives. For example, my children have been arguing on a variety of topics instead of just who showers first. I get to prepare a variety of meals instead of just dinner. And last, but never least, I’ve been driven to drink by a variety of these things.

It is the spice of life, no?

Last month we did something I recommend to everyone: we took a trip without wifi. Not only did we have no wifi, we also had no english speaking tv, and we all had to sleep in the same room. And it was lovely.

I know you don’t believe me, but you should. Our particular trip was to Costa Rica, a destination to which we’ve traveled on several occasions due to me being married to someone from another country and all. We’d never been to this part of Costa Rica, though, and we’d never really been tourists there ever…due to me being married to someone from another country and all.

This trip landed us at a hotel on a hill in Playa Hermosa, alongside howler monkeys and iguanas and funny looking birds that steal sugar packets from tables. More importantly: it landed us with each other, all day, every day.

What sounds like a burden is actually a luxury; not having to cook or clean or do laundry. Having time to play with our kids or listen to them talk to each other. Being allowed to exist in a space where we were just a family, unburdened by long commutes or busy grocery stores or piano lessons. Our lack of to-do’s allowed us to-be.

Reentry into real life after a break like that was jarring, but I’m trying to hold on to bits and pieces of “just being” where we can. Taking the kids to the neighborhood pool instead doing laundry. Watching movies with them in the afternoon instead of writing. Saying “yes” to desserts and late bedtimes and living room blanket forts. Allowing myself to get behind on my normal to-do’s since I know I’ll have time for those in the fall when they start school.

Taking it easy is also a luxury; we’ve structured our family life in a way that I am free of the burden of bringing home a paycheck. I do not take that for granted. Not for a minute.

This summer we also were paid a visit by my dad and his chihuahua. And we cashed in a present from Santa to see The Lion King. And one kid had a basketball camp and the other had a science camp. And? I’ve been working on becoming a badass, or a least a stronger version of myself which will hopefully eventually translate to badassery.

So, how did you spend your summer vacation?