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The Thing About Being a Mom

I don’t know if it was always this way or if this is just a product of modern marketing, but it seems like moms are usually depicted as all being the same. Like we all think the same way and like the same things. Get annoyed by the same things. Want the same things. The exception of course is the Mom Wars; working moms all feel the same way about this and that and stay at home moms are all on the same page as other stay at home moms.

Regardless of our job status though, we are all apparently nags who drink coffee and wine and complain about our kids and husbands. Which isn’t always false, BUT it’s not an accurate depiction of modern motherhood.

Two things I’ve learned since becoming a mother:

  1. I hate marketing.
  2. The only thing inevitable about motherhood is change.

When my kids were babies I would work so hard to correct some sleep issue and then they wouldn’t need a nap anymore. I’d get the house prepped for a toddling toddler getting into everything and by the time I was done they didn’t care about getting into anything anymore. I’d struggle with getting them to eat this or that and then I’d have the opposite problem and wouldn’t have enough food options for them.

Whatever the issue, as soon as I “figured it out” everything would change and I’d have to figure out something else.

Being prepared isn’t really a thing when it comes to motherhood. There are levels of preparedness for sure, but you never really know what is coming next. I think all moms can agree on that.

But all the other stuff? Who knows. We don’t have to agree. Just because you work in an office and I stay at home doesn’t mean we feel differently about how we raise our kids. I’m tired. You’re tired. Whatever. I have my struggles. You have yours.

Right now I am drifting into unknown territory. My oldest turns 11 today. She’ll be in 6th grade in the fall. Technology, social media, identity crises, hormone changes, pushing boundaries — these are all things coming my way. I definitely do not know how to deal with any of them.

But I’m sure once I feel like I have one issue figured out, everything will change and I’ll have a new challenge to tackle.

Change is inevitable. Especially in motherhood.