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When I was feeling ragey and confused during my college years, I would blast music from my CD player. I probably annoyed the other residents in my dorm, but I was the RA so I didn’t care. The Singles soundtrack was my go-to CD to blast for tracks like “State of Love and Trust,” “Birth Ritual,” “Would,” “Battle of Evermore,” “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns,” and especially “Seasons” by Chris Cornell.

The movie was a favorite of mine, but the soundtrack was a lifeline. It fed me the thing I was hungry for but didn’t know I needed. I mean, except for the Paul Westerberg tracks, obviously.

At a time in my life when I was falling head over boots in love with Pearl Jam, the Singles soundtrack introduced me to other voices I would continue to follow into my young adulthood. I already knew Chris Cornell from Temple of the Dog, but after hearing his song “Seasons” I became a true fan of Soundgarden. I followed Chris to Audioslave, too, and was lucky enough to see Audioslave in concert in 2005. Of the many concerts I’ve attended, the Audioslave concert was one of the top five.

Chris left us too soon. When I found myself short on words, he let me crawl into his world to borrow his. I am thankful he shared his music with us. He will be missed.