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Houston Gourmet Chef Wants to Feed You {Review}

Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen is a Houston business founded by Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and Houstonian Maria Bedrosian. Too busy to make a nice meal for your family or guests? Maria wants to bring some yin to the yang of your life.

I had the opportunity last week to be fed by Maria in the comfort of my own home. On the scheduled day, late in the afternoon I heard a knock at my door. I wasn’t able to get to the door right away because I was likely doing laundry (when am I not?), so when I opened the door someone was walking away towards their car, leaving a bag by my door. But this was not Maria. This was a delivery made by Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen.

The bag left was an insulated cold-packed bag which contained the meal my family and I would eat that evening–courtesy of Maria.

So first let me tell you who this service is perfect for, and then I’ll tell you about what was in my bag.

Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen is perfect for busy families who can’t find the time to get a fresh, home-cooked meal on the table. It’s ideal for anyone hosting guests that wants to wow them with an amazing dinner. Have you signed up to bring a meal to a friend with a new baby or to family who is going through a hard time? A gift certificate to Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen is what you are looking for.

Now let’s talk turkey–or rather “chicken” in this case. Our meal was Chicken Marsala with a side of (fresh!) green beans. Here’s what that looked like in the bag:

So had I not been home, the bag would have been fine outside my front door until I returned. The packaging kept it safe from critters and the Houston heat.

As I unpacked the bag, I could see from the labels on the pans that the directions were short, simple, and precise. This is important for someone like me who isn’t so handy in the kitchen. Among the meals to choose from at MKG, this one required more work for me than many of the others would have. While choosing my meal online, I saw several options that you just pop in the oven when you are ready to cook them. For this meal, however, I wanted to give the service a good test drive. So Chicken Marsala was the winner (winner chicken dinner).

I stashed the pans in my fridge until I was ready to start cooking and moved on with my afternoon: walking to the bus stop to fetch one kid, followed by driving to school to fetch the other and then taking them both to their piano lessons.

When it was time to start dinner, I was immediately worried I would mess it up. I don’t even know why considering how organized it all was.

All I had to do was put the chicken in the flour, cook it, then add the sauce. While I tended to the chicken, the green beans were in the other pan with a little water. This marsala sauce? Even when it was cold it smelled amazing. I could never make anything like that myself so it was a real treat. And I basically just warmed it up in a pan with the chicken I’d just cooked. I am great at warming things up, they just normally come from the freezer or a jar. This sauce was fresh.

The most amazing thing about this whole process was I didn’t mess any of it up! It was so easy. SO tasty. And though I ordered four servings for my family of four, it was a lot of food! We had enough leftovers for my husband and I to have dinner the next night.

Would you like to try a meal from Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen? You can get $20 off a $100 purchase with the code SOCTRYMGK — find the menu here.

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