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The whys of the 100th day of school

I get that elementary school is different these days than it was for me back in the 80s, what with the smart boards and chrome books and whatnot. Those are good things. Technology is helping our children learn. Cool. Great. Awesome.

But the dressing up and big-to-do’s? Why. WHY?

Today was the 100th day of school for my kids. My first grader was encouraged to dress up “like a 100 year-old” and was excited to do so. I get that marking days in the school year can reinforce number concepts and help them understand how time passes and all that. Fine. Great. Fab. Teach your children well. Hip hip hurray. All that.

But the dressing up. I say why. WHY?

Little kids are already excited about school. They don’t need motivation to be MORE excited. And the kids who aren’t excited about school? Probably don’t want to dress up either. So what this becomes is a competition for whose mom can make the best costume or order the best props or whatever. Because it is an actual competition. The kids are being judged. There will be a winner. There was a note sent home about it and everything.

Again: why. WHY?

Because my first grader was excited to dress up, I had to squeeze into an already tight morning the greying of the hair. All without adequate caffeine consumption. I could have said no, but, again I say: why. WHY would I say no to my sweet baby girl when it’s not really a difficult request?

So what am I complaining about?

I don’t know. Get off my lawn.