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I Speak For The Trees {Caboo Paper Products Review}

My guilt list is quite long. When you have children, it’s easy to add things to the list: I should feed them better, listen better, give them more opportunities, fix the world so it’s still here when they are adults…you know, your basic, easy stuff.

I try to model healthy food choices and active listening so they will do those things too. I know they are paying attention even when they aren’t trying to. Sometimes you are in a moment when you aren’t making the best choice and you know, you KNOW, they are going to bring this up at some point. Honestly, this is why I quit using so many paper towels.

Hang on—let me explain. Just stay with me for a minute.

I’m a paper towel abuser. I used to not only use them for most of my cleaning, but I use one or two when I eat. (I’m messy. Don’t judge.) And all the while I’m doing this, I’m telling my children to not be wasteful and use the back of papers when you draw to save the trees and what goes into recycling and why. My hypocritical actions were bothering me, so I took a few small steps to improve my behavior.

First, I invested in Norwex cleaning supplies. Since I’ve been using the Norwex cloth on my counter tops instead of paper towels, I’ve saved like a whole forest of trees. Probably.

Second: Toilet paper is a necessity, obviously, but also a huge resource hog. I seek out recycled brands or brands easier on septic systems to be mindful of water usage.

And third, I insist that our recycling bin can double as an art supply bin and always encourage the kids to look there first before we go buy supplies for school projects.

With all of these things on my mind already, I was intrigued by the opportunity to review paper products from a company with a different approach to producing them. Caboo does not use trees to make their paper products—they use bamboo and sugar cane to create napkins, paper towels, facial tissue, and more. The benefit is bamboo and sugar cane are grasses, not trees, so they grow much faster and can be replenished more quickly than a tree can, thus literally saving whole forests of trees.

Cool, right? But how are the products?

I sampled the Caboo toilet paper, napkins, facial tissue, and travel wipes. I don’t want to brag and say I’m an expert on products like these, but what mom isn’t?


The most environmentally friendly toilet paper I’ve come across so far is by Seventh Generation. The paper is recycled which reduces what goes into landfills, but the company reports the availability of post-consumer content is decreasing. Makes sense since many more companies are recycling these days. This is why I was excited (?) to try Caboo’s toilet paper.

The Caboo TP is just as soft (perhaps softer) than the Seventh Generation. The fact that it’s made from sustainable products makes it the a perfect replacement for my household. AND? I can order it on Amazon. (So can you if you click here. Other buying options here.)


One way to not use so many paper towels when I eat is to use napkins instead. I found the Caboo napkins to be soft while still getting the junk off my fingers. They are slightly textured, so maybe that makes them more soft and sturdy? That’s just me guessing. I don’t actually know. But again, these are a sustainable solution to my messy eating habits. (Buying options here.)


Now that I think about it, I use a lot facial tissue, too. My allergies seem to always make my nose run or my eyes water, so I always have a tissue on me. The Caboo facial tissue is as soft and strong as my regular, store-brand facial tissue. I much prefer using a sustainable product, especially since my regular brand is not recycled or anything. (Pocket sized here. Other buying options here.)


Travel wipes make me happy. I use them myself when I sit in my car after I pump gas or buy groceries. They are awesome to have in the car when I’m on the go with snacking kiddos. These wipes are softer than the ones I normally use (store brand) and smell really nice. They don’t leave my hands sticky like some wipes do. I’m a fan. (Buying options here.)

(All of the Caboo products are also available for purchase on the Caboo website. To visit the Caboo Amazon store, click here.) 

All in all, I was excited to be introduced to this brand. I do wish my local HEB carried them, but maybe someday they will. For now I know I can order Caboo products online, which really isn’t a bad deal since it gets delivered to my house.

Do you try to use sustainable or recycled products in your house? Why or why not?