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9 Conversations I Just Can’t Have Anymore

Enough is enough. We all have our limits and I’ve reached mine on the following topics:

  1. Minecraft: I love you, kids, but I don’t want to hear about the cool thing you learned to do on Minecraft. You’ve told me too much already. I can’t pretend to listen anymore.
  2. Our Garage: It is such a freaking disaster. Husband, this is your territory but I have to walk through it. I’m sure you are as sick of hearing me talk about it as I am talking about it, so…
  3. Shoe Laces: Children of mine, why do we talk about shoe laces every day? Just untie your shoes when you take them off at the end of the day and — voila! — they are ready to go when you get ready for school the next morning.
  4. Candy: No, not me — the sugary substance. It is NOT a snack, kids. String cheese is a snack. An apple is a snack. Crackers are a snack. Candy is not a freaking snack.
  5. Alternative Facts: This is not a thing. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Kellyanne.
  6. Climate Change: This is a thing. That’s an actual fact.
  7. What I Did Today: Don’t ask me. It just makes me feel bad. I probably started to clean the kitchen and then got distracted by the laundry and then sat down to write and forgot about the laundry. Nobody wins in this conversation.
  8. Texas Weather: No, but really. I just throw my hands up in exasperation on this one. We just have a pile of coats of varying weights by the door we dig through each morning depending on which season Texas decides to have today.
  9. Cup Stacking: OHMYGOD. It’s not a sport.

OK. That’s all. Talk to me about anything else, but not these things. I have nothing else to say about them…today.

2 thoughts on “9 Conversations I Just Can’t Have Anymore

  1. Just like cake, pie, ice cream, and so on are desserts you eat after a meal, candy is a dessert meant to be eaten after a snack.

    1. I can buy that. Usually it goes like this –
      her: “Can I have a piece of candy?”
      me: “You need a real snack first.”
      her: “Ugh! Okaaayyyy…”
      But every day. EVERY. DAY.

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